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39,65 EUR*
Details Delmar Nurse's Drug Handbook (Delmar's Nurse's Drug Handbook)

Protect the patients in your care with The 2013 EDITION DELMAR NURSE'S DRUG HANDBOOK(t). A trusted reference for over 20 years, this essential handbook clearly describes the uses, side effects, contraindications, actions, and dosages for more than 770 ...

47,86 EUR*
Details Nurse's Med Deck

SAFETY FIRST! NURSE'S MED DECK, FOURTEENTH EDITION, is the card deck version of the bestselling Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses(R), Fourteenth Edition. Like the book, it always puts safety first...emphasizing the information you need to know to ...

14,51 EUR*
Details The Nurse's Not-so-secret Scandal (Medical)

The shocking secrets of nurse Roxie Morano!Between family nightmares and a series of lousy men, nurse Roxie Morano's life is a disaster zone. But enigmatic (and gorgeous!) new colleague Ryan "Fig" Figelstein is ignoring her hazard warnings--instead ...

30,58 EUR*
Details Crossing the River Sorrow: One Nurse's Story

Crossing the River Sorrow Crossing the River Sorrow tells the story of one woman's plunge from a sheltered childhood in the '50's into the world of medicine, and her personal search for answers to questions about suffering. A single moment at the ...

34,58 EUR*
Details Mastering Precepting: A Nurse's Handbook for Success

Nurse Preceptors have the power to make or break a career, and good ones can inspire a nurse to achieve greatness. But effective precepting programs depend on two critical groups - the nurses who support, teach and coach and the nurses who organize ...

8,49 EUR*
Details Always the Children: A Nurse's Story of Home and War

Anne Watts grew up in a small village in north Wales in the 1940s. Inspired by school geography lessons that told of far-off lands, she broke out of the conventional options open to women in post-war Britain, defying her Merchant Navy father's dated ...

6,49 EUR*
Details Christmas in Bluebell Cove (Mills & Boon Medical)

Christmas in Bluebell Cove: AND The Village Nurse's Happy-Ever-After Christmas in Bluebell Cove GP Ethan is filled with hope when Francine unexpectedly returns to Bluebell Cove. Could his Christmas wish of being a family come true after all? It will ...